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  1. How long will my shirt take to arrive? Every item is hand made and it usually it's 3-4 weeks. We will email you updates on the manufacturing process, including when the gear is shipped to you.

  2. How does the process work? Every shirt you see on this site has been created by our design team, some in collaboration with our customers. The shirt is developed on design software and then once finalised, it is sent to our manufacturing team to be printed, cut, and sewn.

  3. What if I need a specific design? Get in touch and let us know what you need, our design team will create a polo shirt from any era you wish for any occasion. 

  4. What type of shirt can we design? Any colour combinations, patterns, retro shirts, personalised shirts, special occasion shirts, or corporate day shirts. The ideas are endless.

  5. What materials are used? Polyester blends are used on all our shirts.

  6. How do the sizes come up?  We make our shirts 20-50mm longer than an average shirt. This helps the shirts to stay tucked in. This also allows a flexible fit around the belly. Please click here to see the size guide

  7. Printing colours, logo, team names, etc? 98% of our shirts are digitally printed into the shirt. This generally includes all logos and names that are added to a shirt.

  8.  Shipping? We ship anywhere in the world at cost, with Free shipping in the UK. If you play golf where you live, we'll send shirts to you. We offer free UK shipping to one address only when ordering multiple shirts for your society or tour. 

  9. Are discounts offered? Yes for larger orders please get in touch. 

  10. Golf tours or team events. Order 5/6 weeks prior to your event for the shirts to arrive, We are likely to get them to you in 3/4 weeks, but allow plenty of time.

  11. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. We hand make every shirt to order, if you have any concerns, we will rectify the situation with no hesitation at all. 

  12. Will the shirts make me play better? No! but at least you'll look good whilst playing rubbish golf!

  13. Affiliate partners. If you have a large social media following and you would like to promote the shirts, we will gladly speak to you about commissions etc. Please get in touch. 

  14. Promoting and selling the shirts. If you would like to sell the shirts in your virtual or physical store, we do offer trade prices on our shirts. We can also offer the bespoke design service for your customers. Please get in touch to discuss. 

  15. Sizing? Please click here to see the size guide


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